Socially Published
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Job Responsibilities

Work closely with the Head of Marketing to build a Lead Generation Strategy Gather, analyze, and synthesize information about the Contact Center Space and related tech markets, focusing on both existing and emerging competitive landscapes from Social Media

1. Manage elements of, and execute on, a comprehensive competitive intelligence plan
2. Develop and maintain a network of information sources, including social media
3. Use up-to-date tools to re-engineer social media presence of competitors to generate list of prospects
4. Ability to use various Social Media sites to generate list of relevant prospects
5. Create online marketing content including content for our website, blog, social media like facebook etc by being a driving force behind our social media strategy, outreach and execution.
6. Work with our in-house team to create customized content while maintaining company interactions for in house projects on internet marketing.
7. Promote companys online presence through exploiting the use of search engine optimisation, social media and contextual advertising.
8. Create manage and grow the brand through social media marketing platform, websites and offline marketing by developing compelling content for various languages, markets, platforms and learners.
9. Overseeing the social media strategy for the company, managing brand through creative marketing.
10. Evaluating customer research and market conditions creating brand awareness across traditional and social media platforms.
11.Deploy tools and technologies using industry knowledge to constantly monitor online social space, sharing the findings while actively engaging and communicating with the world.
12. Create dialogue within the members, actively engaging and growing the community through lead generation, lead qualification, communication, brand building and conversion.
13.Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structures of websites and web pages. Assist in development and execution of communication or content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals.

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