Top 10 Ranking
Google, Yahoo, Bing

Job Responsibilities

Work closely with the SMM teams to proactively develop and propose value-added ideas / insights and pitching SEO to all SMM clients and thereby maximizing SEO opportunities and developing the vertical to increase profitability

1. Develop and implement new tactics to drive growth and to maximize the organic search channel as a whole
2. Frequent client interaction as well as working closely with the team to make sure that the client goals are successfully met on time
3. Monitoring current accounts to ascertain ways to extract business from existing accounts as well as keep a close eye on competitor offerings to identify potential business avenues and improve current offerings.
4. Audits Conduct audits before every pitch to analyze the existing state and structure of the websites and pages
5. Search- Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels in order strategize and execute plans to increase site indexation, improve rankings and increase traffic to the site
6. Analytics- Monitor and evaluate web analytics dashboards and reports in order to develop and recommend SEO for existing and new clients
7. Goal setting- After careful evaluation of the current project health and investment in conjunction with the client desired business goals, relevant targets must be set
8. SEO Content creation- Develop, manage and execute communication/content strategies either on the web pages or via social communities in coordination with client goals
9. Reports- Conduct SEO analysis post the project completion and preparation of timely reports illustrating the results to be submitted to clients on monthly basis
10. Award Winning Work Responsible that the team delivers solutions on time and are tracked as per client goals
11. Tracking the delivery of all SEO projects and identify ways that can improve spot on delivery of projects and identifying remedial measures for delayed projects
12. Ensuring flawless execution of award winning work

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